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Getting Started with C



        Communicating with a computer involves speaking the language the computer understands, which immediately rules out English as the language of communication with computer. However, there is a close analogy between learning English language and learning C language. The classical method of learning English is to first learn the alphabets or characters used in the language then learn to combine these alphabets to form words, which in turn are combined to form sentences and sentences are combined to form paragraph. Learning C is similar and much easier.
            Therefore, instead of straight – away learning how to write programs, we must first known what alphabets, numbers and special symbols are used in C, then how using these constants, variables and keywords are constructed, and finally how are these combined to form an instruction. A group of instructions would be combined later on to form a program.
Steps in learning English language: 
·        Alphabets
·        Words
·        Sentences
·        Paragraph
Steps in Learning C:
·        Alphabets, Digits, Special Symbols
·        Constants, Variables, Keywords
·        Instructions
·        Program.

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