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Structure of a C program
Execution of C Program
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Execution of C Program

            Creating an executable form of your C program consists of these three steps:
  1. Creating your program
  2. Compiling your program
  3. Linking your program with whatever function needed from the library. 
Compilers only accept standard text files for input.
  • The first step in executing a C program is to compile the Source program. Compilation can be accomplished by selecting the    compile menu or by pressing   ‘Alt + c ‘.
  •  A small window is displayed which gives the information of the lines compiled and the Errors &   Warnings in the program. If there are any Errors, they are to be detected. After compiling the source file, an object file with .obj extension is created.
  • Once the program is error free then we can execute the program by selecting the ‘Run’ menu or by pressing ‘Alt + R ‘. After executing a program an executable file with .exe extension is created.

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