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C - Tokens

C - Tokens

What is a Token???

It examines the most fundamental element of the C language:
A C program must be a syntactically valid sequence of characters of the language. In every C program, the most basic element recognized by the compiler is a single character or group of characters called C token. The compiler first groups the characters into tokens.
A token is an atomic unit of source program, i.e., the compiler will not break down the token any further. For example, the words main, brace, parenthesis all are tokens of ‘C’ program. The tokens comprise the basic elements of the language.
Steps in learning C language are…
  1. Character set - Alphabets, Digits and Special Symbols.
  2. Data types, Constants, Variables and Keywords.
  3. Instructions.
  4. Functions, Program.  
In C, the alphabet is a set of characters. The words correspond to constants, variables, keywords etc. These are classified into different data types. Further these are combined with operators to form expressions, of various types. These are in turn combined to form instructions. A program is made by combining a group of instructions into functions.
C-Tokens are:

 (Click the below links to learn about the tokens..)
   The C character set
   Special symbols

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